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A virtual organization that is developed to ensure that its participants know how to do
business at any organizational level/ position of a company. We are an organization
with online global operations that provide business experience/ practice certification
through our practical business internship courses. Our participants who will
successfully complete their internship practice in any of our practical internship-
courses will gain the business skills needed and practice certification to justify their
abilities to respond in any task of their working environment. Upon selection of the
practical internship course and its successful completeness, GBEO (the organization)
will issue:


Certificate that outlines the name of the internship course taken as well as the key organizational internship areas/ tasks practiced.

Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter that highly recommends you as a skillful individual in the field of the practical internship course at any similar organization position.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) - Empowerment & Uniqueness

GBEO (the organization) will develop for you a custom made CV based on International HR standards that will include your academic knowledge so far, your internship practice with us as well as previous experience, and our organization as a referee in the last section of your CV. Build on your Uniqueness by empowering your CV with a focus on practice in real organizational situations.

Job Finding

GBEO will keep your name and contact details in our highly confidential GDPR compliance system and notify you via email for related job openings in mediation with our International Career Coordinator & Recruitment Advisor Agency in order to send your custom made CV.
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