Graphic Designer

This practical course is carefully designed for individuals who seek to gain experience while practicing their skills in the design process of graphics. Therefore, with this 3 weeks’ course you will be practicing your skills regarding logo design, brochure design, and invitation design.

Marketing Environment Analyst

Marketing Environment Analyst helps business to make informed decisions about their market. It is the role of Marketing Environment Analyst to determine whether to enter into a particular business sector, to refine a business idea, to solve problems or to enable a competitive advantage, using data as your strategic decision-making tool. Therefore, with this 3 …

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man with headphones, customer service sales manager

Customer Service Sales Manager

The relationships developed through a single great customer service experience not only can help deliver a sale, it can create a loyal customer that ensures repeat sales for years to come. Therefore, being able to maintain effective customer service in any organizational position requires good practice. This course is designed to assist you to receive …

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Commercials Developer

Commercials is a source of advertising. It is all about getting the good word out to your existing and potential customers. It is important to every business, no matter how small or big they are. Naturally, some ways of advertising are more effective and reach more people therefore your practical skills need to be empowered. …

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Marketing Manager

Marketing Position Effective practice course is designed to exercise/practice your skills in any possible Marketing Position. Within 3 weeks, the course will provide an intensive practice on marketing management challenges that are found in any business environment and need to be solved. During the practical course you will develop an actual marketing plan that can …

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